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What happens when gravity is suddenly switched off. View Photo
The xero experience will present you with an entirely new perspective. In weightlessness things no longer behave that way you would expect - especially not your body. There is no more up and down. Objects are no longer heavy or light. There is a whole new world of sensations to experience. And a whole new sense of freedom. Get ready to experience your body like you could never have imagined.
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The xero mission is to deliver a once in a lifetime experience an experience of weightlessness in the comfort, style and convenience of Sweden. xero will take its clients out of the normal laws of physics and will plunge them into another world; a world where no gravity exists. Xero is a space where the environment is designed to let clients explore weightlessness in a physical, artistic and social way.
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Xero employs the same proven method to create weightlessness that is used by space agencies to train astronauts and cosmonauts for the zero gravity in space. Xero operates a modern aircraft that is specifically built to fly a special parabolic flight profile that creates periods of weightlessness. By flying this special parabolic flight profile extended periods periods of weightlessness are created within the xero experience you will have the chance to defy gravity about 15 times by repeating this parabolic maneuver.
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Technology plattform
Xero is a specially designed environment located inside the cavernous in their IL 76 MDK parabolic flight aircraft. The IL-76 MDK is only 1 of 3 specially equipped aircraft in the world that routinely trains astronauts and cosmonauts in their preparation for the zero gravity they will feel in space.


Over 120 000 parabolas have been flown by NASA, the Russian Space Agency and the European Space Agency without a single incident.
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Experience curve
The xero experience spans much more than a modified aircraft. In fact, the interaction starts when the client first becomes aware of the opportunity. xero is an once in a lifetime adventure that allows people to experience weightlessness in the comfort, style and convenience of Sweden. The time before and between the periods of zero gravity are integrated in the experience.


The interior concept is based on a selfsupporting inflatable structure that is lightweight, flexible and easily installed. The flooring is covered in an inflatable drop-stitch mattress.


A light scheme ensures a calm atmosphere in the cabin, yet at the same time enhances the experience. For example, patterns of light vary in tone with smooth transitions from one colour scheme to another. An image inspired by the world famous northern lights.


The sound scheme marks the aircraft noise. It removes the experience from that of a conventional flight and helps the passengers to focus on the adventure. The sound palette is based on traditional Swedish music.
The xero habit View Photo
Eye catchers

Ceiling mountes eye-catchers function as visual references within the space.

Inflatable vertical handrails

To facilitate and enrich the movements during zero gravity.

Inflatable module

The concept is based on a self supporting 14 meter long inflatable structure. Drop stitch mattress flooring covered by an inflatable drop-stitch mattress ensuring a soft surface for safety and support.

The xero habit Integrated lightning

The interior concept integrates all senses, strengthening the overall experience though moodlightning, sound scape and scent design.
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