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Confirmation of flight campaigns Kiruna, Sweden - 28th of June 2004.
Sweden and Russia are working together to launch Swedish space tourism and have now confirmed flight dates for upcoming zero gravity campaigns 2005 - 2006.

XERO AB today confirmed the flight program for 2005-2006 during a technical visit from Star City in Kiruna.

"Sweden is launching a new concept for zero gravity flights in Kiruna in a joint project with the Yu. Gagarin Cosmonauts Training Centre. We at Star City are looking forward to implement the exciting flight program and start our co-operation with Sweden from Kiruna Airport", said Mr. V.Tsibliyev, Head of Yu. Gagarin Cosmonauts Training Centre, Moscow.

The following dates will be available for zero gravity flights:

03 - 06 of February      20 - 23 of October
02-05 of February      01-04 of July      19-22 of October

XERO will be presenting its original concept for space tourism and zero gravity flights in Kiruna in February 2005.
Be the first to experience xero gravity in style.
The xero mission is to deliver an once in a lifetime experience; an experience of weightlessness in the comfort, style and convenience of Sweden. Xero will take its clients out of the normal laws of physics and will plunge them into another world a world where no gravity exists. xero is a space where the environment is designed to let clients explore weightlessness in a physical, artistic and social way.
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