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Icebreaker Tour - Winter Activities 2004 • 2005:
1st Day: View Photo of Tour's 1st Day:
When you arrive at Kallax Airport in Lulea, our staff will meet you there and transfer you to our first destination, the fashionable Hotel Nordkalotten where we will spend our first night. The rooms at Hotel Nordkalotten have a typical northern design and have saunas in every room.
2nd Day: View Photo of Tour's 2nd Day:
After a genuine Swedish breakfast, we get us ready for a adrelanie optimized day on the ice, taking part in one of the more interesting motor experiences this year... ofroad driving on the ice with brand new Volvo Cars. We drive approximately 5 km from the hotel and come to the ice roads out on the Gulf of Bothnia's ice. Just off of the island Junkon we have our own ice roads on the sea where we learn to drive the vehicles on ice and snow.


The hull booms and shudders as it wrestles with the forces of nature. Enormous slabs of ice tumble around on the ice-covered sea. The bolder passengers try bathing among the ice flowes, While most watch. Others take a tour to experience the fascination and dread of this sea of ice at closer quarters, from the safety of an inflatable boat. A visit to this endless ice landscape-spiced with polar darkness, the shimmering northern lights and the dazzling spectacle of the northern sky at night - provides a memory for life. This is where the motion of the ship meets the stillness of the ice realm. Where dull rumbling meets absolute silence. This is where you meet raw, untamed nature, and get a little closer to yourself at the same time. Welcome abroard.

Snowmobile safari on Ice:

We go out for a safari on the "ice-desert" of the Bothnian gulf. We also go through the deep forests on narrow trails in the snow. In our wilderness- camp with tee-pees we stop to enjoy a nice cup of hot coffee or chocolate together with a barbequed sausage or our local delicacy dried reindeer meat.

Sauna on Ice:

Enjoy the sub-arctic night under the stars in our heated outdoor hot-tub. Combined with the hot sauna on the frozen sea-water and the ice-cold waters of the Bothnian gulf makes this an unforgettable experience. Bathing in a hole in the ice is an old Nordic tradition to keep yourself well during our long and cold winters. Do you dare testing it?

Dinner on Ice:

Welcome to a candle light dinner experience with a difference! A journey of the senses among totally natural material, based around the four elements. The warm fire beckons you straight out onto the ice of frozen sea. The crisp snow crunches underfoot, and your breath forms a cloud of tiny ice crystals in the clear, chilly winter air. Inside the heated tepee, the aperitifs are quite literally on ice. The reindeer hides on the walls; the warm, earth-coloured tent and the crackling fire balance the tasteful dinner table. Elegant yet down to earth. Modern yet ancient. Contemporary yet traditional. This is the setting for delicious three-course dinner, planned especially with the client in mind, and prepared using the finest local ingredients from the Northern part of Sweden. How about white fish-roe, char and shoulder of reindeer, for instance? Exhilarate your senses with a unique, heart-warming experience on the frozen sea in Norrbotten. The pleasant aftertaste will linger till you come back.
3rd Day: View Photo of Tour's 3rd Day:
After the breakfast, you will be picked up at the hotel for further transfer in to Kallax Airport, where our private plane is standing by to take you up to the Winter city of Kiruna. Under the trip we will fly over the great wilderness that marks this part of the land, and if the weather allows, maybe you can see the great untouched forests and roaring rivers. Luossavaara Kirunavaara iron ore mine, the world's largest underground mine. We willenter the visitors' mine, which lies 540 metres below ground. It shows mining from the turn of the century to todayís high-tech operations.

A trip to Sami Land:

Our sami guide will meet us outside the church, and will be dressed with the traditional Sami Kolt. Together we will enter the old wooden church of Jukkasjarvi, witch history starts at the 17th century. In the church we will receive a guided tour, and we get to hear the story about the gorgeous alter painting, and about the beautiful organ decorated in Sami ornaments, such as horn from reindeer and the northic blond Birchwood. After the churchtour, we continue to the Sami Museum and here we get to hear more about the Sami cultural. Our guide will tell us about the traditional Sami costumes, the interesting sami mythology and about the beautiful sami handy craft. Finally, our guide will take us in the Lavu, the traditional Sami tipi. Here we will hear more about the sami culture, and about the sami traditions. Here we have our luch, and we eat it sitting on warm reindeer skins around the sparking fire. And while you enjoy the hot black coffee after the meal in the Lavu, there will be a performance in the Sami way of singing, the traditional Sami yojk.

ICE Hotel:

After a quick check-in, itís straight to the Absolute Ice bar for a welcoming drink in glasses of Ice. You are going to stay in the Ice suites at the Icehotel. All of them individually sculptured by Ice artists from all around the world. You will be lying on beds of ice, covered with Reindeer skins in really warm sleeping bags. The -5 degrees Celsius, the total silence, the whiteness and the ice sculptures in the Ice suites will make you feel as you are already dreaming, before you even close your eyes.
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