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Europe Cruises:
Celebrity X Cruises
12 Days Mediterranean Legacies Onboard Millennium Millenium Cruise Ship, Specification Sheet
Millenium Cruise Ship Mediterranean Cruise Millenium Cruise Ship, Make a Request
Cruise Days: 12
Category: Millenium See also the Cruise Map
Cruise Ship: Millenium
Day Port Arrival Departure
1 Venice, Italy Embarkation p.m.
2 Venice, Italy - 17:00
3 Dubrovnik, Croatia 09:00 17:00
4 At Sea    
5 Piraeus (Athens), Greece 07:00 19:00
6 Santorini, Greece 07:00 23:00
7 At Sea    
8 Naples, Italy 07:00 19:00
9 Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy 07:00 19:00
10 Livorno, (Florence/Pisa) Italy 07:00 19:00
11 VilleFranche (Nice/Monte Carlo), France 07:00 23:59
12 Barcelona, Spain   14:00
13 Barcelona, Spain Disembarkation a.m.
Departure Dates for 2009: 26May 19Jun 13Jul 6,30Aug 23Sep 17Oct
Prices From: € 1760

11 Days East Mediterranean Cruise Onboard Galaxy Galaxy Cruise Ship,Specification Sheet
Galaxy Cruise Ship Mediterranean Cruise Galaxy Cruise Ship, Make a Request
Cruise Days: 11
Category: Century See also the Cruise Map
Cruise Ship: Galaxy
Day Port Arrival Departure
Monday Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy - 18:00
Tuesday At Sea    
Wednesday Mykonos, Greece 15:00 23:00
Thursday Rhodes, Greece 09:00 17:00
Friday Santorini, Greece 08:00 16:00
Saturday Istanbul, Turkey   14:00
Sunday Istanbul, Turkey   13:00
Monday Kusadasi (Efesos), Turkey 10:00 19:00
Tuesday Piraeus (Athens), Greece 07:00 17:00
Wednesday At Sea    
Thursday Naples, Italy 07:00 19:00
Friday Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy 08:00 -
Departure Dates for 2009: 22May 12Jun 3,24Jul 14Aug 4,25Sep 30Oct
Prices From: € 1490


7 Days Norway Cruise Onboard Century Century Cruise Ship, Specification Sheet
Century Cruise Ship Norway Century Cruise Ship, Make a Request
Cruise Days: 7
Category: Century See also the Cruise Map
Cruise Ship: Century
Day Port Arrival Departure
Saturday Amsterdam, Holland - 17:00
Sunday At Sea    
Monday Flaam, Norway 07:00 17:00
Tuesday Olden, Norway 08:00 17:00
Wednesday Alesund, Norway 07:00 17:00
Thursday Bergen, Norway 07:00 17:00
Friday At Sea    
Saturday Amsterdam, Holland 07:00 -
Departure Dates for 2009: 26Aug
Prices From: € 1020

  • Prices are per person, indicated in Euro depending to each cruiseship, the departure date and the category of selected cabin.
  • The prices are suggested for above mentioned itineraries, except departures during holidays.
  • Prices are valiable and depend on availability.
  • Taxies are included in the prices.
  • An amount of $ 10,50 will be added on the cruise price, per person, per day for the cabin and restaurant staff. If you disagree with this term, you may express this to the cruise company, but you may have to settle this amount directly on the cruiseship.
  • The sur-charge for a single cabin consists of 100% extra charge.

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