With Nostalgic you can ‘win the race’ for the most sought-after customers. Nostalgic offers you a communication platform in a distinctive atmosphere. All participants in an incentive programme are subtly stimulated and impressed long-term. With Nostalgic you can achieve your goals in terms of relationship building, in a conducive atmosphere.

Every guest who travels in a Nostalgic classic car, experiences undivided attention. The experience as a group, following a fixed route but driving independently from another, forges the teams together. Nostalgic’s incentive trips are tailor-made and adapted to suit the needs of the customer. The following examples give you a first impression. Nostalgic looks after you – from the first discussion, during the concept phase and through to the trip itself. Call us for a free consultation and ask us for our first-class references!

  • The winner of a competition in sales participates in a threeday incentive trip in Tuscany. The Nostalgic classic cars are presented after a light lunch on the hotel patio and taken out for a drive. In the early evening a wine-tasting followed by dinner takes place in a nearby former cloister. The second collective tour the next day leads the winner on a carefully chosen route – 120 miles through picturesque countryside and individual detours are possible at any time. The vaults of a medieval citadel are the location for a gourmet meal in the evening. Sightseeing in Siena with time at free disposal is planned for the third day, before the event finishes in the late afternoon.

    Price for 50 guests: 1,750 Euro per person.

  • A company invites, in the course of an annual conference, marketing experts and retailers, together with their partners to a four-day incentive trip to Lake Maggiore. Several classic car trips are part of the five-star hotel package, including driving skill testing, speed boot outings, accompanied VIP shopping. Dinner is taken in rented private villas, or the private castle of an aristocratic family.

    Price for 30 guests: 3,500 Euro per person.

  • The CEO of a publicly-traded company invites a small group of guests to an exclusive event on Sicily. Transfers to and from the airport are made with a 1950s sailing yacht, the hotel, with its own beach, has been booked exclusively. The classic car trip heads along the coastal roads and around Mount Etna. A helicopter excursion is available during the lunch break at a country estate. In the evening, private functions take place in small gourmet restaurants.

    Price on request.

Why Select Nostalgic?
  • suitability for most ages
  • appeal to both men and women
  • unique experience
  • high response rate
  • tailor-made planning
  • full service from one source
During the trip:
  • lifestyle factor
  • communication factor
  • high stimulation
After the trip:
  • highest customer satisfaction
  • long-term memories

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