In Italy, the Fifties were shaped by economic boom and development – the industrialization of the former agrarian state advanced quickly, exports flourished. Wealthy society circles were lured to the South of Europe long before the first VW beetles trundled over the Brenner towards the Adria: Amalfi and Portofino, Capri and Taormina were the magical words; in winter, San Remo and Cortina.

The »young wild ones« among the Italian designers began to outrank the established names from France, and in this environment, the Italian automobile industry boomed. One brand stands out: Alfa Romeo. This manufacturer from Milan built the dream cars for the Fifties and early Sixties way of life: sporty icons, chic design, high-performing and trailblazing in handling.

The 1910 established brand already made a name for itself with numerous victories at national and international races such as the Targa Florio or the Mille Miglia in the Twenties of the last century. Now they had to incorporate this experience into models which could be manufactured in larger numbers.

In 1959 alone, Alfa Romeo sold more cars than in the entire history of the company to that date. The innovative technology with the legendary double cam shaft engine, which originates directly from racing, and with the elaborately designed rear axle meant that – nearly a half century later – driving pleasure at its finest is guaranteed.

Nostalgic presently offers you the best classic car self-drive fleet in Europe. Each individual convertible was acquired from private collections and has been faithfully restored to its original condition.

The first-class fleet not only offers highest visual appeal but also, most importantly, is operationally reliable at all times – serviced by Italy’s most experienced Alfa mechanic, Amerigo Bigliazzi. Since 1962, when he began his apprenticeship, he has been in love with Alfa Romeo cars – working on exactly those models you drive with Nostalgic.

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