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Hacienda Sepulveda *****

Carretera Lagos- El Puesto Km 4, Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco, Mexico


Hacienda SepulvedaExterior View

One of the new Hispanic families who arrived at Santa Maria de los Lagos was headed by Juan de Sepulveda from Spain along with his brother. With the endorsement of the experience obtained in working the soil, Don Juan de Sepulveda chose one of the most fertile lands in the place.


367 years ago, Don Juan de Sepulveda made the first wheat and corn fields for Hacienda Sepulveda. For almost 4 centuries Hacienda Sepulveda turned into the most famous places in Lagos de Moreno.

In 1943 Mrs. Refugio Estrada de Serrano get this place to give it to her son Don Alfonso Serrano Estrada, which he gave it to his family.

Today, Serrano Gonzalez family have done an excellent job taking care about Hacienda Sepulveda.

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Additional Information

Hacienda Sepúlveda is located 4 km. down the well paved road Lagos-El Puesto. Hacienda Sepúlveda was built in 1684 and has been recently refurnished to cater to the modern world with eleven spacious suites, you can be part of a colonial version of Mexico with all the commodities of home!

A 40 minute drive either from Leon or Aguascalientes airport or a car distance of about an hour and a half from Guadalajara, Lagos is both centrically and strategically well located. If you prefer Mexico City you can reach  Hacienda Sepulveda in about 4 hours and a half. San Luis Potosi is also close, about one hour drive.

Each of the lavishly furnished suites offers an individual decorating style with unique natural scenery. Equiped with TV, telephone and antique stove for heating , the facilities include: reception area, surround music, Comedor Mamalena Restaurant, Alipuz Bar, Troje Bar, bussiness center, recreation center, wide spacious gardens for special events and parties along with a private swimming pool and pond.

Hacienda Sepulveda has 6 master suites and 5 suites for a great staying. Each one has a special name due to their own story.

Las Virgenes This room took its name due to all the 12 year old nieces who slept here all the vacation time.

This room has 2 King Size beds and 1 sofa (3 people)

Dona Barbara A daughter of Serrano Gonzalez family, who made a lot of jokes, was the reason for this room name.

This room has 1 Queen Size bed and jacuzzi (2 people)

Don Toribio The Hacienda Sepulveda ghost and original owner of the place, Don Toribio, is who watches the place this times.T hat's the reason of this room name.

This room has 2 full size beds and 1full size sofa. (3 people)

Pendejaus A very romantic and warm room, this use to be the last room on the place, and to reach there you had to cross several rooms.

This room has 1 full size bed and 1 full size sofa (3 people)

Contenta Maridos Its name comes from the special kind material of the bed once in it. When 2 people went to bed, they immediately went to the middle of the bed.

This room has 1 Queen Size bed (2 people)

Mama Cuca This room name comes from grandmother. Originally she bought the whole place.

This room has 1 full size bed (2 people)

Media Luna This was the favourite room of all guys and constantly was iluminated by moonlight.

This room has 2 full size beds (2 people)

Papa Pablo This room name comes from grandfather, Mama cuca's husband.

This room has 2 full size beds and 1 full size sofa (3 people)

La guereja This room name comes from a sister of Ing. Serrano, Maria Elena, for many years used this room with her sister Delia.

This room has 2 full size beds and one full size sofa (3 people)

Papa Poncho This room name comes from Don Alfonso, father of Ing. Serrano.

This room has 1 King Size bed (2 people)

Chula Vista The name says it all, this is one of the most beautiful rooms in the place. From the balcony you can see the gardens, the pond and Lagos de Moreno lights at night.

This room has 1 full size bed (2 people)

There is a wide selection services catered to comply with all your speculations and needs.

  • Comedor Mamalena
  • Bar El Alipúz
  • Bar La Troje
  • Bussines Center
  • Game Center
  • Wide areas for special events
  • Telescope
  • Pool
  • Visit to Lagos de Moreno City
  • Parking Lots
  • TV and telephone services
  • Local Rodeo (Charro) shows  

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Bathroom with Shower or Bathtub Private Outdoor pool TV Music System Central Heating Telephone

Comedor Mamalena This dinner room is well known due its high-level food and excellent service from all of the people in there.

This room has big walls, special vaults and very original decoration of the fountains and columns.

Open for public in general with previous reservation.

Bar Bar "La Troje", with a great variety of national and international drinks. This is the tequila land... come and share it with us!

Open from 13 to 23 Hrs.

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