Arts Hotel, Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain
  • Gourmet Restaurants
  • 24 H Room Service
  • Fitness Room
  • Bar
  • Internet Access
  • Swimming Pool



Established by Hamilcar Barca as Barcino in the 3rd Century B.C., Barcino soon became part of the Byzantine empire. Barcelona was conquered in turn by the Visgoths and Moors, then reclaimed for Spain in the 9th Century by Charlemagne’s son, Louis. Catalonia has a strong national spirit that has been tested throughout history. During the War of Spanish Succession in 1714, King Philip V of Spain demolished La Ribera (the merchant quarter) and forbade the use of Catalan. Just over two hundred years later, the Spanish Civil War ushered in another era of political repression as Francisco Franco ruled until his death in 1975.

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Availability for:  1 Adults   22/07/2020 - 23/07/2020

No rooms found for selected dates and / or guest combination.

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One-Bedroom Apartment 1 king Bed + rollway

Two- Bedroom Apartment 2 king beds + rollaway

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