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Begawan Giri Estate *****

P.O. Box 54 Ubud 80571Bali


Begawan Giri EstateExterior View

Imagine your own private hideaway. Think unique: a secluded, luxury Resort in Bali set amidst acres of lush tropical greenery. Add in forests and rice-fields wrapped in mountain mists, lovingly landscaped gardens and water gardens. Then picture five Residences, each one special, singular in design, representing different cultures and areas of Indonesia, also seven beautiful private Villas.

Finally, feel yourself embraced, surrounded by a peace so profound that you know you will return often. Now, be still and know that you have discovered Begawan Giri Estate. For centuries, the simple village folk living around have called it "Wise Man's Mountain". Today, the world's most sophisticated travellers are beginning to understand why. Begawan Giri Estate...a vow to return often.


If the land seemed to have a mind of its own, it did not really surprise the Gardners. Begawan Giri is also affectionately known as Wise Man's Mountain". History, myths and a legend all combine to explain why. Centuries before, the forests of the land proved too frightening and formidable for the ordinary village folk to enter, save for three strange "wise men" or Begawantha, as they were called. The wise men made the land their home and in so doing, perhaps invested it with a deep spiritual and mystical energy which makes its significance felt even now.

Today, five unique Residences and seven private Villas designed to meet the most demanding needs of discerning well-travelled guests, nestle within the natural contours of the land. Named after the natural elements of fire, wind, water, forest and earth, each habitation is singular in design, representing different cultures and areas of Indonesia.

To date, guests fortunate enough to fit the bill include several of the rich-and-famous personalities from the United States, Europe and the region. But whoever the guest, Begawan Giri's warm welcome extends and embraces. "A vow to return often" – it is the Gardners' prediction for their guests.

Begawan Giri EstateRoomBegawan Giri EstateLiving RoomBegawan Giri EstateExterior ViewBegawan Giri EstateSwimming PoolBegawan Giri EstateLiving Room

Additional Information

The Begawan Giri is a private estate located amidst the serenity of Bali's stunning landscape, close to Ubud, Bali's creative and cultural centre. Spread out over eight hectares of lush tropical gardens are the estate's five uniquely styled and appointed residences comprising of 22 Suites.

The Begawan Giri Residences are a true testament to architectural achievement as the Gardners will attest. Working in close collaboration with architect Cheong Yew Kuan, they built Begawan Giri over an nine-year period, taking great care to ensure that the natural beauty of the area remained undisturbed. In fact, the enchanting nature of the Estate today is largely due to the richness and diversity of the gardens it inhabits. The lush Water Gardens with their spring-fed Pools have been lovingly landscaped for almost a decade. Over 2,500 trees, as well as shrubs, wild ferns and flowers have been transplanted and replanted (initially by Bradley and Debbie themselves) to maintain the original indigenous environment. The end result is an Estate that has emerged, in a seemingly natural evolution, out of the jungle.

Thanks to this air of serenity that seems to envelop the Estate, guests to Begawan Giri feel completely at home very quickly, enjoying a sense of being welcome, "embraced" and at one with Nature. The Gardners and the Begawan Giri management team encourage this, stressing that guests should treat the place like their own private home. Add to the scenario a staff-to-guest ratio of 8-to-1, inclusive of Residence Butler, it is possible to get used to such living. Whatever the individual preferences – meals where and when you would like them; morning walks with a guide; a massage or body treatment at the Water Gardens or in your Suite – are to be indulged.

The Begawan Giri Estate’s five unique residences of 22 Suites are designed to meet the most demanding needs of discerning, well-travelled guests. Named after the natural elements of fire, wind, water, forest and earth, the residences provide elegant facilities with interior designs that combine European and Asian influences.

Each Residence comes with:

  • Personal Butler
  • A staff-to-guest ratio of 8-to-1
  • Study/Library
  • Private Pool
  • Separate Kitchen
  • Laundry facilities
  • Large open-air Verandas
  • Uninterrupted views of tropical gardens and rice fields
  • King & Queen-sized Beds
  • Dining & Living Pavilion
  • Private Jacuzzi & outdoor Shower - Master Suite only
  • Personal IDD Telephone


Named after the airy breezes that caress the Residence throughout the day, this Residence houses four Suites. The simple lines of Balinese architecture fused with that of colonial Java create a unique ambience. The golden warmth of the old teak wood panelling, the carved Batavia furniture and the woven coconut shell ceilings demonstrate the fine details this residence possesses. Materials such as: 150-year-old Javanese teak, terrazzo, porcelain and brass combine under traditional thatched roofs, while Victorian antique basins and fittings give the Bayugita its colonial flavour. The vanity counter tops in the Master Bathroom were cut from old tables, providing an interesting complement to the Master Bedroom’s copy of a King-sized Venetian Bed. There is also a Chinese influence in the form of medicine chests and a Victorian WC, manufactured in the 1870s and imported from the UK. All of the rugs are from Mongolia and Tibet, while there is a copy of a Dutch colonial Bed from Sri Lanka in the Deluxe Suite.

An infinity-edge Pool, seemingly stretching to the rice fields, lies on the second level of the Residence surrounded on two sides by an ironwood deck. On a lower level, a spacious, private deck with adjoining Guestroom looks out across the emerald tropical gardens to the terraced rice fields that are synonymous with Bali. From the Bath, guests may enjoy unobstructed views of the gardens or complete privacy by closing the frosted, sliding glass windows.

Bayugita has one Master Suite with a private Jacuzzi and courtyard, one spacious Deluxe Suite with a spectacular view of the neighbouring rice terraces, two Guest Suites with Four-poster Beds and a possible additional guest Bedroom in the Study/Library upon request.


This Residence greets the visitor with the serenity of a water palace as the sight and sound of water can be sensed throughout the formal pavilions. These golden pavilions of 150 year-old Javanese teak reflect a meditative simplicity as they float out over sheets of water reflecting a mixture of oriental cultures and styles with a Zen feel. The central, floating pavilion, constructed from batu kuning yellow rock and teak wood, with its ironwood shingled roof, is reminiscent of old Javanese homes. The water gardens surrounding the platform reflect the intricate beauty of the white stone entrance. The understated elegance of the Residence is inherent in the simple lines and materials from matted ceilings and woven banana fabric panels to the bronze basins in the Bathrooms.

The highlight of the Residence are the many hand-carved doors and stone carvings throughout. Fashioned exclusively for Tirta-Ening by a local artist trained by Donald Friend. The lower Guest Suite Bathroom is a work-of-art in itself. Much of the furniture of the Residence comprises of Chinese antiques, woven leather furniture from the Philippines as well as pieces upholstered with silks from Thailand.

The expansive Master Suite with its floating Bathhouse features a six ton, single stone Bath, an outdoor Shower, a Jacuzzi set amidst a water garden Pool and meditation pavilion. From every corner of the deck, the muted sounds of cascading water in the valley below add to the water element.

In addition to the Master Suite, Tirta-Ening has one spacious Deluxe Suite with a panoramic view, one Terrace Suite and an additional Guest Suite at pool level. The calming element of water can be seen and heard from all parts of this serene residence and the combination of simplicity and craftsmanship make it an ideal contemplative environment.


The distinguishing feature of this bold, primitive residence is the fire pit located at the very edge of the Pool, lit every evening to symbolise the essence of its existence: fire. A primeval ambience depicting a sophisticated/primitive feel rooted in the island of Sumba, emanates from this habitation constructed from 1,200 tons of stone imported from this island. Adorned with tribal cloth furniture and antiques in line with its rugged Sumba architecture and thatched roofs, Tejasuara marks a return to the elements of nature and all its primal power.

Hues of indigo, dark red, brown and the black of rare bamboo dominate Tejasuara in all aspects. The black bamboo Beds add to its raw appeal. The buildings which house the four Suites are created from old ironwood telegraph poles, coarse stone, rough-hewn logs and woven bamboo. Extending into fields of lemon grass, which is used as an essential spice in Balinese cuisine and acts as a natural mosquito repellent, palms endemic to Sumba, the vast terraced gardens play an intrinsic role in creating the character and feel of this expansive Residence. Tejasuara has two Terrace Suites with rice terrace views located on either side of the upper entrance courtyard overlooking the Pool. The Master Suite has a decadent outdoor Shower, Jacuzzi, meditation garden, private courtyard and pavilion, while the Deluxe Suite with its outdoor Shower, private pavilion and garden sits directly opposite.


This Residence is set amongst the trees overlooking the river and valley one hundred metres below. Its fresh, young atmosphere is closely integrated with the forest with pockets of trees found throughout the buildings, maintaining a feeling of the forest within. Extraordinary views and the soothing sounds of the Ayung River can be seen and heard from every corner of this exquisitely bright and contemporary Residence.

A semi-circular infinity-edge Pool mirrors the turn of the river around the estate. The main living pavilion is supported by huge tree columns which stretch to a height of two storeys. The impressive width of the bingkirai trees, 40cm in diameter, and the seemingly unending teak floors and ironwood shingle roof give guests the dramatic feel of living in the ultimate tree-house.

The holy tree, which stands before the entrance, sits beside an altar blanketed with offerings. Its existence on the land before the creation of Begawan Giri and the importance of its mystic history, dictated the entire design and building of the Residence, which was literally built around the tree.

That Wanakasa is a more contemporary Residence is apparent in its use of wood – light-speckled tiger bamboo and over 150-year-old teak – in the three guest Suites. Another feature is the green stone insets in the terrazzo Bath; it is this same stone that forms the focal feature throughout the Residence. The furnishings are a mixture of local, Javanese and Philippine pieces.

The gardens are very special in Wanakasa. Species or heliconia, wild ferns and bamboo were planted not only for their aesthetic beauty, but for their contribution to the privacy of the Residence. A variety of plants and trees, such as coffee, were planted to lend their fragrances to Wanakasa’s atmosphere.


The classical, rich, formal style of this Residence owes its origin to the Majapahit palaces of long ago. Pleasure gardens, bodies of water and an extravagant elegance befitting royalty were its inspiration , Begawan’s most romantic and fantastic habitation. It is reminiscent of a past era, as is the vast expanse of space in the Royal Suite extending over more than 180 square metres. The experience is further enhanced by the combination of elaborate interiors including hand carvings, fine antiques, courtly furniture, touches of gilding, richly painted walls and fine, old textiles.

From its perch on the edge of the Ayung River valley, Umabona sits beneath roofs of ironwood shingle lined with mats from Kalimantan, offers the most spectacular views of Mount Batu Karu and the long river valley from both the North and the South. The ironwood decks, constructed from recycled telegraph poles, run around the entire Residence. This stunning setting and location make this the ideal spot for lovers and dreamers alike.

On the lower level, two spacious Bathrooms, each with its own intricately carved stone frieze, depicting the sensual element of the Residence, open to the interior Pool area of the Royal Suite. From this private, mysterious aquatic centrepiece, the water flows outdoors where it cascades down to another Pool located 10m below. The Bathrooms and outdoor Jacuzzi are set in perfect locations viewing the valley and the mountain.

In addition to the spectacular Royal Suite, the Umabona dining pavilion is a venue in itself with its splendid ambience and open oven. Umabona also accommodates three Terrace Suites, each with spacious Bedrooms and richly furnished in keeping with the royal experience.


Occupying the western slope of the property, the villas bask in the afternoon sun and are the ideal place to enjoy views of the valley set against glorious sunsets. With each Villa having its own Swimming Pool, Kitchen, Living and Dining areas, the new Villas address more completely the question of 'privacy'. The "styling" of the Villas, both architecturally and from an interior design point of view, is unmistakably Begawan Giri Estate. The sense of a personal space with the distinct sense of "home" once again achieved by the Owners, Bradley and Debbie Gardner, who have given this annex of Villas their same keen attention from the start of the project.

The Villas have been ascribed names in celebration of the aspects of the natural world – Karas Kanaka (Golden Stone), Pita Linggar (Golden Space), Chandra Murni (Pure Moon), Giri Antara (Distant Mountain), Sukma Taru (Spirit Tree), Gesing Kanila (Bamboo Whispering), Sapta Akasa (Seventh Cloud) – and relate back to the elements that name the original five differently themed Residences on the Estate.

Malaysian architect, Cheong Yew Kuan, has continued working on the Annex, harnessing his architectural talents towards the fulfillment of the Gardners' artistic goals. Scouring the region, in particular Thailand, Burma and China, for furniture, textiles and artifacts; the Gardners themselves have elected to personally design and furnish the interiors. The couple has also closely supervised the landscaping of the Villas.

Managed by Begawan Giri Estate, the Villas is serviced by the Estate staff, according the service standards and the warmth that has characterised the Begawan Giri Estate.

  • Shops
  • Amphitheatre
  • Butler Service
  • Airline Reservations
  • Airport transfer/chauffeur -driven car
  • Souvenir items/purchase of Room supplies or amenities
  • Babysitting
  • Baggage/Luggage Service
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Medical Services
  • Spa - Spa Treatments
  • Massages
  • Yoga
  • Beauty & Body Treatments
  • Sightseeing - Tours - Sports Activities

Restaurants Swimming Pool Meeting Rooms Laundry & Dry Cleaning Medical Services Shopping Health / Beauty Care Spa / Thalasso Babysitting


Bathroom with Shower or Bathtub Fully equipped kitchen Telephone Jacuzzi

Yet fundamentally, simplicity is at the heart of Begawan Giri. For example, the cuisine that is created by Chef David King is New World with Indonesian accents, prepared simply and authentically, using the freshest ingredients drawn from the land. To ensure that Begawan Giri Estate remains self-contained, poultry, fish and prawn farms have been established on the grounds, as have vegetable gardens, tropical fruit trees and flower nurseries. At Begawan Giri, you can dine anywhere you choose on the estate. In your Suite, at the Residence pavilion, in the gardens... or at the estate's new Restaurant, Biji.

Biji: Simplicity is at the heart of Begawan Giri. Biji achieves new conceptual standards and and will prove a talking-point in Bali and Indonesia. Globally, the Restaurant promises to take its place in the international arena by offering everything the modern world desires in terms of a restaurant. The choice of fare is large, varied and definitely tempting. Accents and influences of food are broad and truly modern in respect to the world becoming one nation

Kudus House: Kudus House represents an era of former glory, and of Indonesian culture at its pinnacle. The "house" itself dates back 150 years with a history of three generations of occupation. Located on the western side of the Estate, between Biji Restaurant and the Amphitheatre/Lounge, Kudus House offers stunning views of the Ayung River meandering through the valley below in all its splendour. Its cuisine is a classical representation of Indonesian food on the whole with its diversification of styles, flavours and influences encompassing an authentic rustic charm.

The Chef: For David King, the kitchen reflects the modern day and simplicity is the key. He feels strongly that food should not be constricted by its origins, but treated simply using fresh and authentic ingredients. Today, this approach serves him well with Biji at Begawan Giri Estate. He promises guests and patrons: "Biji Restaurant moves towards the millennium with a 'tour de force' of New World Food.

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