… if you don’t know us yet:

Nostalgic, with its own fleet of classic cars, has been organizing exclusive, private, corporate and incentive self-drive trips since 2003.

We accompany our guests on selected dream routes, which each participant can drive individually, based on specially-prepared roadbooks. During the day, the guests experience beautiful landscapes from our classical convertibles, which in turn make them the main attraction at each Piazza. In the evening they compare notes with other guests in an elegant, convivial atmosphere.

The pleasure of driving, the surrounding area and the attention received, create an emotional proximity, which many companies use for building customer loyalty. We have personally hand-picked hotels and restaurants for this special travel experience; every trip is individually planned.

Get to know the world of Nostalgic and do not hesitate to contact us for advice – that is one of our strengths!

… if you’ve already been on the road with us:

Now in its fifth year, Nostalgic still offers you, your friends and customers finest driving savoir-vivre. In time for the first company anniversary we present a stylish trip to the Côte d'Azur. Nostalgic accompanies you along magnificent promenades, breathtaking coastal roads and through glamorous yachting marinas in the exact same classical convertibles the jet set used in the Fifties and Sixties.

More and more guests repeat their Nostalgic experience at a new, attractive destination – either with previous fellow travellers or within their own circle of friends. Companies from different industries and of differing size, which already have used Nostalgic for their customer and staff relationship building, value the personal support and our custom-made proposals.

The Nostalgic circle of guests is becoming more international; we are now working closely with our colleagues in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Nostalgic Driven by Style