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Welcome to The Ritz, located in enviable surroundings, close to the Prado and the Thyssen Museum in the heart of Madrid. Hotel Ritz has long provided the capital's most elegant entertainment. To stay at the Hotel Ritz is to step inside a baroque palace, an experience you won't forget.


Early in the 20th century, King Alfonso XIII returned from his travels in Europe with his mind filled with memories of the roses and mirrors that decorated the Royal Palaces of the wonderful cities he had visited. The young King had been royally entertained throughout the Old World -- a procession of fountains, parks, royal suites, blue skies -- and had brought back with him new ideas and projects for his capital.

Madrid had always been a city of an intense vitality, noble buildings, wide and brilliant "plazas", and exquisite gardens but, somehow, it lacked something. The King was the first to realize how much his capital would gain by the addition of a hotel of the same category as the Ritz in Paris or the Carlton in London, and he wasted no time in putting his ideas into practice. He truly believed Madrid should provide something really exceptional; a hotel to satisfy the tastes of the most distinguished and discerning among this ever increasing new type of traveler, then, only just beginning to be called tourists.

The King's inspiration began to become a reality. The construction of the Ritz had begun -- large, bright and comfortable -- with the backing of the Ritz Development Company who, from the very first proposal, drew up the necessary plans.

The architects were Monsieur Charles Mewes of Paris and don Luis de Landecho of Madrid. Various contractors were engaged to prepare the site, the first among them being don Tomas Torres. Soon, the walls rose above the acacias elms and cedars of the Prado. The Company was officially registered before the Notary don Antonio Turσn y Bosea on July 27th 1908 and, on the same day, the first Board of Directors was appointed led by Marques de Guadalmina, The very first meeting of the council was celebrated on June 29th 1908, and the first meeting of the shareholders was on April 4th 1909.

The last word in comfort those days consisted in providing four or five bathrooms on each floor, the rest of the rooms were equipped with wash-basins as well as the jugs and glasses in vogue at that time. There was one telephone on every floor in a cabin next to the lift, which was also regarded as a supreme example of luxurious modernity.

The formal opening of the new hotel took place on October 2nd 1910, being present the King and other members of the Royal Family.

Since that day the history of the Ritz Hotel Madrid is a reflection of the history of Spain. Its salons, terraces and gardens have seen a steady stream of prominent personalities, both Spanish and foreign. Its warm and luxurious rooms, have hosted Kings, Prime Ministers, international diplomats, generals, ambassadors, writers, aristocrats ... All the greats of the world, by right of lineage, of spirit or achievement, have at one time or another passed through its doors.

George Marquet, founder of the Palace Hotels in both Brussels and Madrid, and his son joined the Board of Directors of the Hotel Ritz on November 27th 1926. The son became Chairman on June 16th 1932 and, since then, assisted in turn by his son, George Marquet Delina, had complete control over the Ritz.

During a short period of time, a Bank Consorcio managed by Mr. Masso, was the leading head of the company. Back in 1982, Forte Hotel Company acquired the Ritz entering in this international hotelier group. Not until 1995, when Forte merged with Meridien, did the Ritz became one of the luxurious establishment embraced by this prestigious company.

While always conserving its own individual style, the Ritz has yet moved with the times and, year after year, improvements have been made to continue to provide the best possible service as well as outstanding facilities.

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