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Mavrikiano Elounda Crete 15124 Greece
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We believe every Old House comes with it its own history. The owners of the House have made a thorough study to produce a proper historical picture seeking information from the relatives of the original owners and of the neighbors who gladly provided the information contained therein.


The House was first built in 1840 by G. Mavrikakis whose family comprising of six children earned their living growing sheep, and cultivating the land producing carobs, almond and wheat. It was the time of Turkish Occupations and the ruler of the region had its headquarters in the main village of Elounda.

Around 1865, Mavrikakis's eldest son was discovered to have a love affair with one of the favorite Women of the Pasha, news which produced the menace of the ruler. In a subsequent clash Mavrikakis killed the Pasha and flagged away.

The result was that shortly afterwards the family was forced to move away to the East of Crete ( Sitia ) to escape Turkish revenge and the House was occupied by Turkish officials until the beginning of century when the exchange population between Turks living in Greece and Islands and Greeks living in Asia Minor took place.

Then the Property partly destroyed returned to the hands of Mavrikakis family until 1960.

The House was sold to the well known Greek film producer Koundouros, a lover of Tradition who rebuilt it adding the Sofa Area ( Upper Bedroom ) and the Terrace to fit the modern requirements. He added at the entrance of the House the Kitchen on the left and on the right the Bathroom. The Ground Floor with Sitting Area remained unchanged respecting all the basic features of the past and the Cretan Culture.

Fifteen years later in 1975 he sold the properly to the Greek International actor Focas, who used it as a summer residence for ten years. In 1985 he sold the House to Margarita Elliot, an American citizen, working at the American Embassy of Athens holding the title of the Consul, and later on after she resigned from her post she lived in it for long intervals, earning her living making independent economic studies for companies and writing essays.

She sold the House in 1994 to its present owners " The Traditional Homes of Crete " and the company is renting the House from now on, having made extensive preservation works at the Terrace, constructing Kitchen on it, wood and tone repairs all over the House having respected the Traditional style, and history of the property and region.

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