Athina Luxury Villas

Xamoudohori, Platanias, Chania
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Athina Luxury Villas is a complex of luxury villas that have been built in an extraordinary natural environment of 8 acres surrounded by lavish greenery, in Ksamoudochori, really close to the tourist resort of Platanias in the picturesque city of Chania.The villas are characterized by a sense of distinct luxury, supreme elegance and high construction quality offering accommodation of unparalleled standards. Each villa has its own private pool, a barbecue, vast gardens and large verandas where you can enjoy the breathtaking view. There is also a playground and especially arranged gardens with benches and tables where you can have a pic nic and enjoy special moments of relaxation with your friends and family


“There is this land laying in the middle of a deep blue sea, Crete… a beautiful, grand water surrounded island. An island of numerous inhabitants and ninety states. Each nation with its own language. Aches and Cretans –sparrow hawk lads- Cydonian and Dorian and Pelasgian men live there. There Knossos, the famous land, Where Minoas, Zeus’ comrade Ruled the island for nine years” ,

Odyssey, Rhapsody T’

CRETE Crete: the Bridge connecting Europe and Africa, the crossroad of three continents, the place embracing grand canyons and fertile camps, with the wild landscape of the White Mountains rising imposingly, is conquering the landscape. Within a various, but lovely climate, the connecting web of nations and civilizations has been a place of grand dispute among invaders. Crete still holds its uniqueness throughout forests and gorges, an autonomous island since it provides the habitants with excellent goods. Crete is a carrier of a history reaching the 7th millennium b.C. Since the Minoan Civilization, with constructions of perfect architecture during the Byzantium times, is rich in cultural in heritage, which manages to survive touch less, through their live mark of hundreds of monuments.

E. Venizelos, I. Kondylakis, N. Kazantzakis, N. Prevelakis, D. Theotokopoulos: Great intellectuals of Cretan noesis, prominent people in the paths knowledge, enlightened the world with their spiritual expression. The largest island of Crete, second in size in the Mediterranean, keeps its historic, traditional and cultural characteristics untouched, while at the same time, provides all modern standards for the best hosting of its guests. Crete is a splendid mixture of wonderful civilizations and cultures of the past, but it is also a vivid world constantly creating new traditions. There are many great cities that developed in the northern part of the island, around the important ports and in the country as well. Crete is separated in four regions: Heraklion, Lasithi, Rethymnon and Chania Prefectures.

CHANIA PREFECTURE Chania Prefecture spreads on to the west part of the island. It extends to 2,376-mile squares and approximately 134,000 people inhabit it. It is a mountainous area providing fantastic beaches. Chania is a special place. A place generously offering extremely beautiful nature and many modern comforts, which in no case misquote its physiognomy. Capital of Chania Prefecture is the homonymous romantic and hospitable city of “the roses and the jasmines”, according to the excursionists of the past. Chania or Ancient Cydonia, is a city built on the sea. A place that combines in an ideal way old and contemporary architecture.

XANOUDOHORI Small and traditional, hospitable and peaceful, Xamoudohori welcomes its guests, who can enjoy the relaxing rhythms of the daily life, visit the historic and religion monuments of the area and be seduced by the wonderful, endless beaches of Chania Prefecture. The infrastructures and natural environment of the area, easily offer whatever the most demanding guest can dream of regarding the precious days of both the winter and the summer vacations. Two are the more dominant theories over the name of the beautiful village: Xamoudohori, according to the locals the name means its land is approached by the winds. The second theory is related to history: The community might have taken its name by the Turkish pasha Xamoudi. Xamoudohori is 19 km away from the city of Chania, and it is part of Platania Municipality. Hourmouzi Byzantio first mentions it in 1842. In 1881 census is referred as Xamoudohori in Pyrgos Psilonerou Municipality, inhabited by 80 Christians. During this period of time, many people from the mountainous areas started to move down and buy Turkish land there so that they can live permanently there. In 1920 the village is the basis of the homonymous agricultural Community, inhabited by 257 people. In 1928 Xamoudohori is part of Kontomari Community with 329 inhabitants. In 1940 Xamoudohori is once more the basis of the homonymous Community with 259 inhabitants. According to 1991 census,Xamoudohori has nowadays a total population of 178 people.

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Availability for:  1 Adults   29/07/2024 - 30/07/2024

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Villa Rodia One Bedroom, One Attic & Living room

Villa Myrthia Two Bedrooms & One Attic

Villa Kissos Two Bedrooms & One Attic


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